Individual (1on1) Clinics

The NAB has one primary goal with our 1 on 1 workouts…instill CONFIDENCE!!  

To be the best version of ourselves on or off a basketball court, we need to be confident that we can achieve anything we put our mind to.  

Constant positive reinforcement and encouragement for an hour at a time can benefit anyone, especially kids as they learn how to create good habits and work towards achieving specific goals they set for themselves. 

Individual workouts are beneficial for every player of every age at different skill levels.  

A 60-minute workout can consist of many fundamental basketball skills from shooting, dribbling, footwork, and beyond.

Our coaching staff is built with current and former basketball players and coaches, ranging from all levels of high school and college basketball.

The relationship and trust built between player and trainer is a special one we value dearly at the NAB.  Our hope is that the young players training support our current high school players that are helping them improve their confidence and overall game.  

That connection builds a better and more supportive community through the sport of basketball.  All of it starts with building confidence!

Register Below for weekly summer Individual clinics

Individual (1on1) Clinics run on Monday nights during the Fall.

Ages 9 and below

-Boys $30

-Girls $25

Ages 10 and up

-Boys $40

-Girls $35

Bundles only for ages 10 and up...

Boys 5 for $175

Girls 5 for $150

Fall Weekly Schedule

Monday 6pm-9pm

Every hour has 6 open slots available.

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