General Skills Clinics (Groups)

The group clinics are for all ages and skill levels.  This is a great chance to learn our fundamentals from current high school players and coaches from both the boys and girls basketball programs.

Our goal with group clinics is to provide any Neshaminy boy or girl from K-8 a chance to learn the basics of basketball.  We use drills and teach the same philosophies that are used at the high school.  

If it’s your goal for your son or daughter to have fun, they will have a blast!  If they hope to play in high school one day, there is no better place to learn than right here from players and coaches currently at that level representing the Neshaminy community!

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General Skills Clinics are divided into 3 age groups and are all coed.

  • 3-4 Grade 5:15-6:15
  • 5-6 Grade 6:15-7:15
  • 7-8 Grade 7:15-8:15

$10 per session ($5 for LAA players)

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