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Our 3 on 3 Build is teaching the basics of team basketball through 3 on 3.  The focus is on fundamental basketball skills like passing, cutting, screening, defense, and rebounding.

Each session, 30 minutes will be devoted to learning a breakdown of a certain team concept (pass and cut, pass and screen away, ball screen/dribble handoff, etc.).  The final 45 minutes will be played in 6-minute games at each basket, rotating baskets to play other teams after the 6 minutes is up.

If your son or daughter has friends that want to participate on the same team, you can request a team of up to 4 players!  A maximum of 60 players in each session will give every boy or girl focused attention from our coaching staff as well as ample opportunity to participate in games.

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3on3 Build has 60 spots for each grade group. All sessions are Co-Ed. You can request a team of 4.

  • 3-4 Grade 5:15-6:30
  • 5-6 Grade 6:30-7:45
  • 7-8 Grade 7:45-9:00

$100 ($50 for LAA players)

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