Beginning in the Fall of 2022, NAB Jr. will hold its weekly clinics on Friday evenings. The decision was made to add an extra 15 minutes, allowing our players to enjoy scrimmages/small sided games after warm-up, skill work, team strategies, etc. The clinics will begin at 5:30 pm (ending at 6:45 pm) on Friday, September 16th, and continue weekly through the end of October. Please arrive a few minutes early so your little one is ready to learn and have fun at 5:30 pm. 


NAB Jr.’s main focus is teaching your children the fundamentals of basketball in addition to having them experience the “team” aspect of the game. Most importantly, our coaches will be teaching the players how to be positive and show awesome sportsmanship. Scrimmages will be a friendly competition where each player will have the opportunity to participate, there are no winners or losers.


75 mins will include the following: 

1. Dynamic Warm-Up/Body Movement
2. Skill Work
3. Team Strategies
4. Scrimmage/Small Sided Games
5. Cool Down


The cost is $10.00 per session

Location: Maple Point MS Gym